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#Love what you #Believe

Published October 11th, 2016 by Michael Farin

James Allen, the author of As A Man Thinketh once stated, “The soul attracts that which it secretly harbors; that which it loves.”  – I couldn’t agree more!


Many years ago I had the pleasure of reading a book by John Milton Fogg. This book gave me an incredible insight into the word “belief” or “to truly believe in something”. When you take a deep look into the root of the word ‘belief’ you are able to have a greater understanding of its true depth and inner meaning.

The word ‘belief’ comes from 2 words. “Be” and “Lief”

“Be” comes from “being” which is a state of existence. In other words: “to BE is to LIVE”.

The word “lief” comes from a European word called “leubh” which also means – love.

In other words – “Belief” means “to be in love with”. It does not mean that you have to know for fact or certain, all you have to do is love it. It takes unequivocal knowledge, which is a function of the mind and changes it to “love”, which is a function of the heart.

A true belief is something that resonates both in your heart and in your mind.

Think about it like this: Instead of letting the lack of an immovable belief hold you back, just start because you love and appreciate the notion. When you believe in someone else, what you are really saying is that you love them.

What if instead of having to have unwavering conviction, all you had to do was be in “love” with your goals. Love the idea(s), love what they stand for, and love what they would do for you. Just simply be in love with them.

If you love them, you will act. When you act, you will also attract all that you believe into your life.

Try it.

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